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Small Business Financing Options with Debt

Funding Your Business The boot-strap method of financing your business—tapping into your savings, retirement, or refinancing your mortgage for all the available capital possible—can be enough to get your business off the ground, but then what? Growing businesses require more funding, and when 82% of failed businesses cite cash flow problems as a cause, it …

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strategies for working capital funding

Small Business Help: 3 Great Strategies For Working Capital Funding

According to the Wells Fargo Small Business Index, $10,000 is the average amount of startup capital required by a small business owner. Acquiring and managing your working capital is crucial when it comes to running a successful small business. Unfortunately, since companies need to deal with payroll, operating expenses, and all the other financial aspects …

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bankruptcy funding

Business Funding After Bankruptcy

When a business owner has a bankruptcy on record or is currently restructuring due to insolvency, traditional lenders will shut their doors. Bankruptcies do not stop factoring companies from purchasing invoices. Eagle Business Credit evaluates the credit of your clients, not your business. Rather than seeking high interest loans from online lenders, sell your receivables …

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How to Estimate Your Working Capital Requirements

Every business has short and long-term capital needs that must be met through incoming revenues. If your business has more income than expenses, it’s profitable. However, even a profitable company can have temporary cash flow problems if it doesn’t have enough working capital. Here is how to estimate your working capital requirements.