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Flexible working capital funding solutions, Appleton, WI

Invoice factoring companies provide a unique and flexible means for businesses to generate ongoing cash flow for day-to-day operational costs. Eagle Business Credit is an experienced provider of working capital funding and working capital loans and offers a variety of asset-based loan solutions to generate cash flow through the financing of receivables–those amounts owed to you by your customers.

How Factoring Works

Invoice factoring, also known as discount factoring, works by purchasing your invoices, then collecting from your customers when the invoices fall due for payment. The factoring company then takes a small fee, and sends you the amount remaining on the invoice. If you prefer, you may keep and maintain control of those invoices belonging to customers who pay quickly and allow us to collect the rest, although that does reduce the amount you can borrow. We never forget the fact that this is your business and you remain in control of it. We do our best to provide you and your customers with top-notch customer service at all times.

Eagle Business Credit also provides the tools you need to stay informed as to payments we receive through our 24/7 online access webpage for your account information. You’ll have the ability to view all account activity and copies of your customers’ checks, as well as the capability to run reports to help you manage your business and accounts.

Domestic and International Funding Solutions for your industry!

Invoice factoring with added receivables servicing is a great financial tool, whether your focus is on local business opportunities in Appleton, WI, or on a national or international business scale. The flexibility of receivables factoring makes it a great choice for all types of businesses with additional specialties in staffing factoring as well as export financing. It helps you to stop worrying how you are going to pay the array of business-based expenses and operational requirements from payroll, to equipment replacement, to inventory expansion.

As some businesses have discovered, applying for working capital loans for small business can be a complicated, drawn-out process. But factoring not only has an easier application process, approval is quick, and you’ll get your funds within 24 hours of approval.  Many owner-operators and small-to-medium trucking companies have discovered the benefits of our dedicated trucking factoring company, “Cashway Funding”.

Not only do we provide discounts of insurance, we offer fuel cards, and a full receivables service to quickly handle payments from the loads you deliver, and ensure that you no longer have to wait to get paid.

Some of the other industries that we service:

  • Receivables Factoring – When you factor your accounts receivable, you sell your receivables to us for a small fee. You get cash almost immediately and then we collect the receivables from your customers. Factoring is not a loan; it does not affect your balance sheet or your credit rating. It is simply a faster way to collect much-needed cash. Learn More >
  • Transportation Services – We have a team of transportation experts that help with all aspects of funding to the transportation industry. We provide full receivables servicing including issuing invoices, credit checks, access to free load boards and same day funding via several different methods including fuel and debit cards all free as part of the standard factoring services we deliver saving you time and money. Factoring your freight receivables to get cash to you as soon as you deliver product will help you grow your revenue the easiest way possible. Learn More >
  • Export Financing – We have local collection agencies to facilitate rapid payment in foreign locales. We also offer credit coverage of exports, so you can feel safe doing business overseas. Learn More >
  • Startup Assistance – Starting a business is hard. We will work with you as you start, getting you cash as you make a sale so you quickly move on to the next one. With our help, you will never miss an opportunity for growth. Your funding line grows with your business. Learn More >

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Eagle Business Credit has a wonderful team in Appleton, WI, ready to help you and your business secure the funding that you need.

Our mission is in our name: we want your business to soar like an Eagle! We provide real-life working capital funding for real businesses. Our clients universally agree that our experience, our customer service, and our wide range of solution options make us the best factoring company in the area. 

Success in business depends on your ability to move quickly, seize every opportunity, and plan for the future.

We work hard to provide the flexibility you need to make your business succeed. To apply for our factoring services, fill out the handy online credit application found on our website, or explore our site for more information about our services.

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