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Eagle Business Credit Offers Export Funding

Our export funding services help your business compete for international orders by providing working capital funding on receivables excluded by most lenders. Our highly experienced team have worked with companies supplying customers based overseas for over 30 years, not only from the USA, but also from many different countries across the world. Export factoring, when offered by people that know how to do it properly is just the same as domestic factoring. You just need to understand shipping terms, currency risk and certain local customs like we do. Our export factoring services provide your business with immediate payment so you can continue selling both domestically and internationally without worrying about when and if you might get paid. 

Benefits of Export Funding:

Working Capital Funding Strategies For Your Export Business

Accounts receivable funding can mitigate the risk involved in international business. A factoring company offers reliable funding, so you can continue to cover the fixed and the unexpected costs of business. Our services include credit checks on your clients, and we handle the collections process with outstanding customer service and courtesy. Sell your receivables and get back to running your business.


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