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2022 SBA National Small Business Week

This week from May 2 to May 5 is SBA National Small Business Week. The theme of the 2022 National Small Business Week is Building a Better America Through Entrepreneurship. You can visit the SBA website to sign up for the virtual summit. Entrepreneurship is difficult, and it’s important to know your business funding options as a small business owner.

2022 National Small Business Week

It’s hard to start and run your own small business. It’s even harder to keep that business alive. There are many doom and gloom statistics about small business failure, but most entrepreneurs know the risks already. The greatest challenge is having healthy cash flow. Entrepreneurs need to be aware of the resources available for small business funding and growth.

Small Business Cash Flow

Even if your sales are increasing, your business might not have enough cash on hand to cover operating expenses, payroll, or the cost of more supplies. When selling to other businesses on credit terms, you might have to wait 30 to 60 days to collect payment from your customer. This period of time may create a cash flow crunch for your business.

Cash Flow Funding Services

Cash flow funding services like invoice factoring can ensure your business has enough cash on hand to cover the daily costs of running a business. You don’t want to turn down new customers simply because you cannot afford them. Eagle Business Credit offers cash flow funding to help small businesses grow.

Eagle Business Credit is a factoring company in Woodstock, GA. We provide debt-free financing to small businesses. New businesses and growing businesses can greatly benefit from invoice factoring services. Give us a call if your business needs better cash flow to grow sustainably!