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How to Get Funded by Eagle

In this video, CEO Ian Varley discusses the different ways you can get funded when factoring with Eagle. Our factoring services help your business get paid faster, so we want to make the process easy for you.

Here are some of the great ways we can get you funded. First of all, it’s easy to work with us. Your account manager is available to talk to you and talk you through exactly what we need in terms of paperwork so that we can fund you quickly. You have a choice on how to get funded. It’s up to you.

Ways to Get Funded:

  • Wire
  • ACH
  • Prepaid Card

We can send a same-day electronic payment (wire payment), a next day electronic payment (also known as an ACH), or we can pay you on a prepaid card. Prepaid cards are free to issue and a lot of people like them because you can use your factoring funds anywhere that Mastercard is available. So talk to your account manager about that option as well.

Again it’s your choice how you want to get paid from us. Just let us know. Another thing to bear in mind is that we will let you know if we need some paperwork from you. We’ll also send you a report each time we get you funded. And that’s true, not only when we issue funding, but also when we get a collection from a customer of yours so that you know that you have a reserve available to you.

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Speak with your account manager. They’ll take great care of you. Make good use of our online service as well. The reports that are available on that are really easy to understand. If you need anything else let us know. There’s probably a custom report that you’re looking for that we can set up and get emailed to you anytime you need. Thanks again for being with Eagle