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#TheMoneyFactor Episode 003! Topic: Cybersecurity and the risks to your business

#TheMoneyFactor Episode 003! Topic: Cyber security and the risks to your business.


This is #TheMoneyFactor I’m Ian Varley. Today we’re going to be talking about cybersecurity and the risks to your business. on #TheMoneyFactor. I am Ian Varley, welcome to episode three of #TheMoneyFactor where we talk about business issues and your money questions answered. Really pleased to have with me today Alan Adcock from ASC Group. Hey Alan how are you? Good thank you. Yeah thanks for having me. Thanks for coming. We’re going to be talking about IT issues that can cost your business and cyber security risks that you need to be aware of. Some common questions that are coming at us through social media. If you have questions, please find us on LinkedIn, Twitter send your questions into #TheMoneyFactor. I have antivirus software installed on my computer… do I have any need to be concerned? That’s a great question. Everybody pretty much gets antivirus software pre-installed nowadays on their laptops. But do they keep it up-to-date? Are they looking at what happens when it’s actually intercepting a virus? Personally I think there are a lot more risks out there these days. Not just from viruses that can hit your computers, but from malicious emails. We hear about ransomware… all those sorts of things. Alan tell us some of the stuff that you’re coming across that people need to be aware of. Yeah thanks Ian. The antivirus is the traditional antivirus that’s out there… it’s mostly definitions based. Which means that there is a file that’s created when a piece of malicious code is identified. There’s a definition that’s written for that, it’s updated.


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