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What Is Selective Factoring and When Is It Useful for Your Business?

Occasionally, even the best-run business has a cash flow problem, particularly if it’s just getting off the ground. When that happens, if that company has a large volume of invoices, they have the option of using factoring and selective factoring to get access to “quick cash” for a relatively easy investment. If you’re looking for a factoring company in Appleton, WI, though, there are some basics you need to know to ensure you get what you need.

What Selective Factoring Is

To understand Selective Factoring, two other terms have to be understood: Factoring and Spot Factoring.

Factoring is the process of monetizing a company’s invoice. For example, a company “sells” their invoices to a factoring broker in Appleton, WI, in exchange for quick cash. When the invoices are paid, the collected funds are given back to the company, minus a fee. Factoring works best when invoices that are 30 to 60 days old are sold.

Spot Factoring is the process of selling a single, specific invoice. This is done when a company has a special class of invoice or when they only use factoring on a case by case basis. In this case, factoring services in Appleton, WI, would finance a single, or set of single invoices that meet a pre-agreed upon criteria. This gets the company selling the invoice the cash they need, but does not lock them into any future factoring arrangements.

Selective factoring falls between conventional factoring and “spot factoring.” In Selective Factoring, the company selling invoices picks which invoices and customers to factor. Typically, these are very large invoice amounts that will give the company a quick fix of financing. Selective Factoring gives the company owner full control of both their invoicing administration and their financing.

When Selective Factoring Works

Selective Factoring is also used in selective circumstances. If a company needs an emergency injection of cash or a one-off stream of cash for a special purchase, selective factoring would work. This type of factoring would also work if a company needed to increase cash flow, but only by a select amount. Selective factoring would allow the business to use selective factoring for a limited number of invoices per month.

Other times, selective factoring would work is when a company experiences a cash flow problem due to a single, slow-paying client. In this case, selective factoring would be beneficial because it would only include the invoice causing the cash flow issue. While this is a hybrid situation, factoring companies in Appleton, WI, offer several types of factoring arrangements that would address the unique situation.

Working with a selective factoring company in Appleton, WI, can be a huge benefit to a company experiencing a rare and specific cash flow crisis. It’s not for everyone, though, as it can be quite expensive and usually only works well with very large invoices. In the proper situation, however, it allows a company to get its hands on needed cash, quickly, without extending itself financially beyond a breaking point.