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Factoring Services in Birmingham, AL

Maintaining positive cash flow can be one of the biggest challenges in running a small or medium-sized business. Eagle Business Credit offers financing solutions to keep cash flowing so you can focus on what really matters – your customers!

Founded to help small and mid-size American businesses thrive, Eagle Business Credit staff work hard to understand our clients’ needs so we can supply a financing solution that really works for you!

How do we do it?

We offer you a way to serve new customers by making sure you have the cash you need to throw open the doors without worrying about when those customers will pay you. Simply put, our goal is that you never have to turn down a customer as you wait for a prior customer to pay a bill.

We help you meet your goals by delivering invoice factoring services at competitive rates without hidden fees. Some of our financing solutions include:

  • Factoring Services
  • Contract Factoring
  • Trucking Factoring
  • Working Capital Loans
  • Receivables Servicing
  • Export Receivables
  • Transportation
  • Apparel
  • Start Up
  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Selective Factoring

Working Capital Funding For Birmingham, AL Businesses

How do Eagle Credit Business funding solutions work?

First, our solutions work because we don’t surprise our clients with hidden fees. You won’t pay for unexpected extras. You’ll pay exactly what you expect to pay!

Our team provides a few different fee structuring options. Businesses can choose a traditional factoring service, in which our fee is a percentage of your outstanding invoices. Or, we also offer financing solutions that tie fees to the interest rates–similar to the way a bank issues lines of credit. Even better, Eagle Business Credit won’t require you to factor every customer or account. Leave the customers who pay you in a timely fashion on your books, and we’ll keep cash flowing while you wait for the rest!

No matter which option you select, you don’t have to worry about surprises when the bill comes due. That’s our commitment to you. Many business owners find that our competitive and transparent fee-structures allow them to use their own resources to help their companies grow – easily off-setting the cost of using our financing solutions!

Apply Today - Funded Tomorrow!

Our factoring solutions are not loans, so they won’t ding your business’s credit. They won’t show up on your balance sheet. Our financing solutions are primarily based on the credit of your customers–not on your personal or company’s credit.

So, how do you apply?

Our online application makes finding a financing solution easy, but we can move the process faster if you give us a call. We understand how critical access to regular cash flow is to running a successful business. We can typically set up a first funding in about 48 hours. You won’t need to wait to keep moving your business forward! Fill out the online application located on the “Contact Us” page or call us today at (855) 420-8318!





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