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The top priority for most small businesses is to create consistent cashflow, earn a profit, and avoid additional debt in the process. But no matter how promising a business model is, there are economic and supply factors that can disrupt cashflow and trigger unforeseen stresses on a business’ bottom line.

Eagle Business Credit provides financial solutions for small businesses in Huntsville, AL that conduct business-to-business services and need an immediate funding option. Instead of traditional asset-based loans that require collateral, a long approval process, and an increase in debt, we offer invoice factoring services that will provide the cash you need within 48 hours, regardless of your credit history or the amount of time you’ve been in business.

Big Solutions For Huntsville Small Businesses

Eagle Business Credit provides an immediate cash advance through the financing of receivables, or factoring. Instead of waiting for your customers or clients to pay their accounts directly to you, we purchase the open invoices you choose to include, and take over the collection of the outstanding debt. We provide cash upfront within 48 hours, so that you can immediately increase your cashflow to meet the financial demands of your business.

Your Business, Your Control

With our contract factoring services, you maintain control over which accounts receivable you include. We pay you a cash advance based on a percentage of the dollar amount of outstanding invoices, and also on the creditworthiness of your customers. Our 24/7 online services allow you to monitor payments on the included account receivables to continually manage your financial interests.

B2B Variety - It's The Spice Of Business

No matter what type of business-to-business services your company or organization offers, Eagle Business Credit has a factoring solution to meet your cashflow needs.

  1. Transportation: Owner/operators can’t wait on invoice collections to meet the daily demands of a transportation business. Instead of pursuing trucking loans that increase debt, consider our factoring services specifically created for independent operators with immediate cashflow to pay for fuel, emergency repairs, or to meet payroll demands and advances.
  2. Export Financing: No need to wait for payment on your export receivables business to increase inventory. Our factoring services include handling those short-term accounts to foreign businesses and provide you the cash and credit coverage you need to stay competitive and grow your business.
  3. Staffing Challenges: Eagle Business Credit offers you the freedom of flexibility for your staffing requirements. Whether you need a temporary staff increase or you are dealing with an unforeseen turnover of employees, staffing factoring may be the answer you are seeking to provide the cashflow you need to keep your business up and running.

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