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When it comes to running a company, working capital for business is the name of the game. You need cash to pay your suppliers and your employees, and you need cash to develop new products. For small business owners, cash is in high demand and short supply. Eagle Business Credit in Marietta, GA, knows this, and it’s our goal to provide working capital funding to small business owners. Our wide array of innovative business financing solutions are all designed to increase your supply of cash.

How Factoring Works

Our Funding Solutions:

Accounts Receivable Factoring – With accounts receivable factoring, you sell your outstanding receivable to us at a minimal discount rate. This gets you cash immediately and frees you up to run your business as all receivables servicing is undertaken by us from that point. You can start and stop at any time and you can choose which customers to factor; you are in complete control of the process. Factoring is not a loan. It will not show on your balance sheet and it will not affect your credit rating. Also, your credit rating does not prevent you from being approved.

Startup Assistance – The first days starting of a new business are the most exciting and require considerable cash. Rather than turn to your own finances or your friends and family, turn to Eagle Business Credit. Our team loves helping new businesses and we can be with you from the start. As soon as you make a sale, we can get you funding. We want you to succeed!

Collections – We are not a collection agency, but we do know how to get customers to pay in a timely manner. You don’t have time to spend chasing late payments; let us do that work for you. Don’t leave any money on the table.

Transportation Funding – Eagle Business Credit has a variety of simple financing solutions for transportation companies. We have a team dedicated solely to transportation. We offer specialized factoring services to the freight industry, which allows you to collect revenue as soon as you deliver product rather than waiting for the invoice and payment process to complete. We provide full receivables servicing including issuing invoices, credit checks, access to free load boards and same day funding via several different methods including fuel and debit cards all free as part of the standard factoring services we deliver saving you time and money.

Our mission is in our name -we want your business to soar like an Eagle. Small businesses as the backbone of our economy; when you succeed, we all succeed. We understand that time is money and so our process is simple. We can get you enrolled in many of our funding programs quickly and have cash in your hands, in many cases within 48 hours. Don’t waste another moment or let another opportunity pass you by. Call us today! Why wait to get paid?




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