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Eagle Business Credit has one mission, and one mission only: to help your business soar. With the help of our team of finance professionals in Norcross, GA with over 100 years of combined experience and our wide range of innovative financing solutions, your business will grow like never before.

How Factoring Works

Our Funding Solutions:

At Eagle Business Credit, we understand that one critical component of success in business is timing – the ability to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. When you partner with Eagle, working capital for your business will always be at your fingertips. Our business solutions are designed to ensure that you never miss an opportunity. Our financing services include the following:

  • Invoice Factoring Services – With invoice factoring services, you no longer have to wait for your invoices to pay before you have access to cash. Financing receivables means you obtain an immediate cash advance on your open invoices. We can even selectively factor, so you can choose which customers you would like to factor. We even undertake all the collections work on your behalf, freeing you up to do more business. Learn More >
  • Export Financing Assistance – Doing business overseas is easier with Eagle Business Credit’s credit coverage and local collection agents. We can cut the risk and the time delays associated with foreign transaction. Learn More >
  • Transportation Services – We specialize in transportation. We will partner with you to fund your drivers, check customer credit, find you new loads, and factor your freight receivables so you can get money as soon as the freight is delivered. We keep your transportation business moving forward. Learn More >
  • Late Payment Services – We are not a collection agency, but we have extensive experience in getting late payers to pay. We know you need the cash, so we will get your customers to pay in a timely manner and can advise you on who the known poor payers are before you do business with them. Learn More >
  • Purchase Order Funding – The need for cash goes both ways in business. Sometimes your suppliers want cash up front before they will supply you. Our purchase order funding solutions provide advances for purchase orders so you will never go without raw materials. Learn More >

Getting started with Eagle Business Credit is easy

We can usually get you set up and receiving cash as quickly as 48 hours. Our finance team in Norcross, GA, is dedicated to providing quality customer service to all our clients. We want your business to have the resources it needs to grow. The health of your business and the health of our economy depends on strong small businesses. Call Eagle Business Credit today to get started. When you partner with Eagle, the only limit to your growth is your imagination! Why wait to get paid?





Call us today and find out how easy it is to turn your unpaid invoices into funds you can use to grow tomorrow.