What Are the Benefits of Starting a Business Right Now?

There is a lot of negative news out there. Unemployment is still high. Small businesses are still struggling. It’s important to focus on the positives, and there are some positives out there for people that want to start a business. Despite economic uncertainty and an unchecked pandemic causing small business challenges, it could be a …

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Controlling Your Small Business #FearlessFactoring

Running a small business can get hectic. Small business owners constantly have to juggle multiple priorities, and inevitably you will drop a ball or two. When your time is stretched thin, your business could suffer. Delegating time intensive tasks to other employees can help free your time for big decision making and business growth. Controlling …

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B2B Sales Tips

Business to business (B2B) sales techniques are different than selling to consumers. First, you are more likely to reach a gatekeeper or lower-level manager. The first challenge is catching your prospect at the right time. For cold calling, the best times to call are the first hour of the work day or the last hour …

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business deadlines

Meeting Deadlines in Business

Always consider the customer experience. Making your on-boarding process as painless as possible means greater customer satisfaction and potentially customer referrals. An important process is communicating timelines to meet your customer’s expectations. How to Meet Team Deadlines Set reasonable time frames and deadlines for your team to hit. Not only is it important to meet …

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