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bankruptcy funding

Business Funding After Bankruptcy

When a business owner has a bankruptcy on record or is currently restructuring due to insolvency, traditional lenders will shut their doors. Bankruptcies do not stop factoring companies from purchasing invoices. Eagle Business Credit evaluates the credit of your clients, not your business. Rather than seeking high interest loans from online lenders, sell your receivables to a factoring company for the business funding you need.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Companies face bankruptcies when they are not profitable. Insolvency is caused by many factors, but a leading cause is waiting on customer payment. Selling on credit terms strains your cash flow. This can prevent early or on-time payment to your own suppliers. Finding quick business funding usually entails high interest rates and daily repayments. Lines of credit and bank loans do not grow with your cash flow needs. Often, short-term business financing can lead to long-term debt and insolvency.

Bankruptcy Financing

Bankruptcy does not pass a judgment on how you run your business. We understand the causes of bankruptcy and our cash flow solutions for entrepreneurs do not penalize a busbusiness loansiness for a past bankruptcy filing. Other financing companies may refuse to fund your business due to current or past filings, whether personal or business filings.

Invoice Factoring After Bankruptcy

Invoice factoring involves the purchase of your company’s open invoices for cash without waiting for credit terms. Rather than online business loans, working capital funding in the form of selling your receivables to a factoring company can help build business credit, pay suppliers, and cover overhead. This frees your business operations to continue to sell and grow.

A Factoring Company and Bankruptcy

Eagle Business Credit funds businesses with closed or discharged bankruptcies. Accounts receivable funding is a great financing option for new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. Our factoring services do not create debt on your balance sheet, and approvals are based on your debtors, not your debt. Whether your bankruptcy was closed yesterday or years ago, Eagle Business Credit can fund your business and meet your cash flow needs.