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How Freight Bill Factoring Gets You Paid Faster

How to Factor Your Freight Bills

If you’re not currently factoring you’ve probably got some questions on the process. It’s simple. First of all, complete our startup kit and submit that to us with the supporting documents that we need. We can typically get you approved the same day or the very next day for funding, and we’ll guide you through that and let you know once you are approved. Here is how to factor your freight bills with Eagle and Cashway Funding.

Many people ask what the impact is on their business once they’re factoring. The good news is you no longer have to send invoices to your brokers or collect them. We’ll take that process off your hands. You simply send us the rate confirmation and the bill of lading once you’ve delivered the goods, and we’ll take care of the rest. We do ask you to go online and use our very simple portal to check the credit of the broker that you’re going to haul for prior to taking the load. That way you know that you’ll have the credit protection from Cashway prior to completing that load. We’ll send you the access to your portal login as soon as you’re approved, so you can go in and start checking credit anytime you like. You can also submit all your paperwork online, and it’s mobile friendly.

How to Get Funding for Factoring Your Freight Bills

You can get a funding sheet via our online portal. You can list the loads that you want to be funded on the funding sheet, and you can state how you want to be paid–whether by ACH wire into your bank account or onto one of our fuel cards where you can also get fuel discounts. Again the process is very simple. Submit your paperwork today. We can get you approved today. We can also get you funded today. It’s very quick and very simple.