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How to Get More Funding with Factoring

Small business owners looking for financing want to find a one stop shop. What financing can you be approved for that will grow with your business? Small business loans offer low rates most often but the financing potential is fixed. After the loan, your business has to reapply for more financing, a lengthy process. Lines of credit are typically supplementary to other financing options because once the line of credit is drawn to the max, you are once again without a funding source.

Financing Facility with Growth Potential

Here is where factoring offers more complete funding. Cash flow problems can sometimes be worsened with high interest rates or unfavorable repayment terms. Factoring facilities provide funding in line with the volume of your sales. This means that as your business grows, your financing grows with you.

PO Financing Along with Factoring

Often small to medium-sized business owners are chugging along fine until a large order from a major retailer cannot be fulfilled due to cash flow. The retailer can turn to the next supplier, but that relationship decreases without the reliability to fulfill large volume orders. Purchase Order funding operates independently from your factoring facility. Large orders can provide a large amount of funding to fulfill those orders.

PO Finance allows small business owners to take on larger opportunities. Eagle Business Credit offers factoring facilities and PO financing for all sorts of deals. Small deals are not turned away for lack of volume, and facilities range up to $5 million for larger deals. With a factoring facility, your funding potential grows with your sales. Adding on PO Finance with a factoring company means even more funding to grow your business. What could you be doing with the time saved no longer searching and applying for business financing? Growing your business.

#TheMoneyFactor with Ian Varley

Ian Varley discusses Purchase Order Financing and getting more funding with a factoring facility. Flexible financing options allow for growth potential in your business financing strategy. Having more access to more funding means having the peace of mind to be ambitious with your business goals.