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How to Prepare for Small Business Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity needs to remain a priority for small business owners. There are so many areas of your business that you are juggling and managing right now, but the unfortunate truth is that there are cyber threats targeting small businesses right now. You don’t want to be caught with your hands in your pockets. Here is how to prepare your small business for cybersecurity threats.

Prepare for Small Business Cybersecurity Threats

Transcript from This Eagle Eye Episode Below:

Hi. I’m Ian Varley, CEO of Eagle Business Credit, here to talk to you with some top tips to prepare your small business for cybersecurity threats. First of all, if you’re relying on a free anti-virus software it’s probably time you upgraded. You only get what you pay for when it comes to that kind of tool, and it’s always best to speak to an IT services company to get professional advice on exactly what’s right for you and your business. It’s not as expensive as you might think and really consider one of the alternatives.

Ransomware attacks are hitting so many companies these days. They’re hitting not just small companies, but large companies as well. So, it’s very easy for people to gain information. One of the weakest points you may find in your business is actually your employees. Phishing emails go out to your employees on a daily basis. These are when an email may look like they’re from a client or a customer, but actually they’re from somebody who’s scammed them. Scammers can just put in misleading information to appear as though it’s from a friendly source.

Small Business Vulnerability

It’s not about clicking and opening an attachment. These days, clicking a link will actually potentially take you to a site that has malware on it that can install bad software on your computers and expose you to risk. So again, employee training is really important. 

Next, invest in that antivirus software. Speak to an IT security company or services company to get advice but train your employees as a very minimum. Even if you don’t do the rest, train your employees to be vigilant about the emails that they open. Staying vigilant is really the key.

Be aware of the attacks that are out there that can happen to you and your business very easily. You will spend more money putting your business back together than you would spend on security in the first place. Focus on employee training and anti-virus software. You want to do everything you can to avoid a cybersecurity breach.

Call Eagle for the financing to cover the cost of preparing your small business for cybersecurity threats now. We can talk to you about a number of flexible financing options for your business. These will free up that cash and help you not worry about the expense of cybersecurity. You need to plug those dangerous holes in your cyber security awareness.