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Invoice Factoring and Staffing

Invoice factoring services are great financing solutions for staffing companies. Below is a video transcript explaining invoice factoring and staffing partnerships.

Eagle Business Credit Staffing Factoring

Hi I’m Ian, CEO of Eagle Business Credit. We love staffing companies. Our solutions here at Eagle for the staffing sector are second to none. We understand the pressure that you’re under to make payroll. We’ll make sure that your funding is delivered according to the schedule that you need. We will work with you and your payroll company if necessary to make sure that the funds are there in order to meet that payroll need.

payroll funding

Bridge Cash Flow Gap

That is just one of the ways that we help many staffing companies grow their business. It’s a classic cash flow gap where you have to pay the temps on a weekly basis, your customers are not paying you for 30 or 60 days, and that’s where we can help we bridge that gap for you. Again, we understand that you can grow fast if you’re landing new customers very quickly and fulfilling new temp orders.

bridging the cash flow gap

You are going to need a responsive facility and people that are available and who answer the phone. With Eagle, you are not going to get a voicemail. Factoring your invoices with Eagle Business Credit means you are going to get an account manager who is responsible for your account and will understand your cash flow needs. If you are a staffing business and looking for a great funding partner, look no further. Give us a call.