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Invoice Factoring Bad Credit

Fast Business Funding With Bad Credit

Finding a business loan for your new or growing company is hard enough. With all the financing options and each option promising to be the best for your business, it can be confusing to understand exactly what your business needs. Many companies offering fast business funding with bad credit have ridiculously high interest rates that outpace your revenue. Invoice financing, however, is fast business funding with bad credit that requires no repayment, debt, and subsequently no interest rates.

Business Funding No Credit Check

If your personal credit is bad, it can be hard to secure business funding through a traditional lender like a bank or even through an online lender. Online lenders rely on algorithms and machines for their underwriting process. This streamlines the approval process, but it removes the human touch that understands a bankruptcy from a past business is not uncommon. Lessons are learned through experiences. Business funding with no credit check is next to impossible with most lenders. Yet, invoice financing, especially popular with companies with bad credit, is not reliant on a credit check.

Invoice Financing Bad Credit

If your business credit is bad, it can be just as a hard to secure a loan or line of credit. If you are unable to make payments on time or early, where is a lender’s incentive to extend credit to your business? Invoice financing bad credit is common. Invoice factoring, a working capital funding strategy, relies on the credit of your customers, not your business or personal credit. Since invoice financing is not a loan (although it is called a factoring loan in some circles) there is no debt on your books and no repayments are necessary. You make the sale, we pay you, then we wait for the credit terms to collect from your customer. It’s that easy and has no reliance on your business or personal credit.

Credit and Funding Solutions

If you are hoping for invoice financing bad credit or business funding with no credit check, consider Eagle Business Credit a top-rated factoring company. Accounts receivable funding, or invoice financing, builds your business credit while providing your company with the working capital you need to fulfill orders and grow. Invoice financing as a small business working capital funding strategy helps startup businesses with otherwise no or low business credit get financed and improve their credit score while also improving their cash flow.

Business Credit Services

CEO Ian Varley discusses how to find business funding when your business or personal credit is bad. Does your small business need business credit services to qualify for traditional bank loans? Invoice factoring bad credit can build your business credit while improving your cash flow. Eagle Business Credit in the USA supports business owners with bad credit or businesses with bad credit.

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