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Invoice Factoring Brokers

Many small businesses are in need of working capital financing. This is due to cash flow strain from: business growth, large clients that pay on long credit terms, and upfront supply costs. Business can get off track when a small business owner is spending their time on collections, finding working capital management solutions, or applying for business financing. This is where the role of an invoice factoring broker can greatly benefit a small business owner.

Factoring Broker

A financial broker refers business clients to various business funding companies. A small business owner may use a factoring broker to find the right factoring company for their business funding needs.

Benefits of a Factoring Broker

  • Saves your business time and effort looking for reliable financing options
  • Can get your business the most competitive rate
  • Can have long standing relationships with factoring companies for good deals
  • Can speed up the business financing process

invoice factoring broker role

Eagle Business Credit & Factoring Brokers

Eagle Business Credit works with many invoice factoring brokers to fund their clients. We offer flexible business funding to meet any business owner’s needs–like the ability to fund through an IRS tax lien. When other financing options turn clients down based on time in business or personal credit score, invoice factoring companies are able to see the quality of the business and the quality of their clients to determine our funding approvals.

Business Invoice Factoring

A factoring broker would recommend accounts receivable financing to their clients due to its ability to grow with the volume of sales, fast funding time, flexible approval requirements, and lack of collateral required. As a low-risk method of business financing, invoice factoring is debt-free and not reliant on an entrepreneur’s personal or business credit score. Our relationships with factoring brokers enable us to provide our fast, flexible, and low-cost business funding to our clients all across the country. Our team’s customer-oriented mentality, efficiency, and hard work makes Eagle a top choice for invoice factoring in the USA.

Factoring Broker Business Opportunity

Eagle Business Credit pays competitive, industry-leading commissions to our referral partners. We maintain such strong invoice factoring broker relationships by paying our commissions to our referral partners every month, the first day of the month, for the life of the client.

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invoice factoring broker