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Setting Goals For Your Business In The New Year

It is 2019 which means the start of a new year for your business. Did you meet your goals for 2018? Did you set goals for 2018? Coming in to the new year, it’s important to create ambitious yet attainable goals for your business. Equally as important is setting out a plan to achieve your 2019 goals. Here are four steps to take to ensure you meet your 2019 goals.

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How to Plan Your Business for the New Year:

1. Revisit Your Business Plan

The first step to setting your goals for the year is to revisit your business plan. This should be updated yearly, so what better time to take a look at your business plan than the start of the year? Your business plan serves as the playbook for your company. Has your target market changed? Does your business have the necessary funding to keep expanding through the year? Your business plan should emphasize the big picture goals for your company and include the essential ingredients to reaching those goals. Update your business plan for your 2019 needs.

2. Break Goals into Smaller Tasks

Don’t dwell on goals that are too large to achieve overnight. For the most part, your yearly goals will take time, money, and effort to achieve in the long run. Try breaking down these big picture goals into daily, weekly, or monthly tasks. This allows you to focus on more concrete activities and to measure your progress. Having both attainable and measurable goals keeps you accountable for achieving them. Setting smaller tasks will also build good habits in your workflow.

3. Set Deadlines

Setting deadlines is important for tracking your progress. It’s easier to avoid last-minute work crunches if you prepare deadlines for yourself before starting your project. Make the deadlines realistic and in tune with your style of working. Meeting your deadlines keeps you on track with your goals and focused on growing.

4. Start Now

You’ve set your goals for 2019. You’ve made them attainable and measurable. Your business plan is up to date, and you’re ready to reach your full potential. Don’t fall victim to procrastination. All that is left is to follow your plan.

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