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The Money Factor Episode #001 Guest: Dave Olsen from Northstar Payroll. Payroll and Taxes

The Money Factor Episode #001 Guest: Dave Olsen from Northstar Payroll.


Hi, welcome to #TheMoneyFactor I’m Ian Varley CEO of Eagle Business Credit and I’m delighted to have with me today Dave Olsen from NorthStar Payroll if you’re a business owner you have to pay payroll and you have to pay your taxes that’s what we’re going to be talking about today on #TheMoneyFactor Hi and welcome to episode one of the money factor really pleased today to have Dave Olsen from NorthStar Payroll with me Dave how are you doing today? Doing well how about you? Doing well. I enjoyed our chat the other day learning about all the services that your company performs and really appreciate you taking the time to come visit with us. My pleasure I love talking to small business owners. We have a number of questions coming at us usually on Twitter, LinkedIn if you have questions go to @EagleBizCredit #TheMoneyFactor LinkedIn you can find Eagle Business Credit all over the place or my profile Ian Varley. I followed behind with my 941 payroll taxes any advice? That’s a great question we have a lot of companies in that situation who come and look for funding and it is a problem. You’ve got to pay your payroll taxes so we do look at that in detail. But there’s a number of different ways that we approach it. It really does depend what situation you’re at so has the IRS filed a lien already or are you just falling behind and need some help. With factoring we’re not worried about that as long as we have the full information. But we do prefer and one of the reasons Dave is here is he can talk about companies that use a payroll service. You don’t have the worry of falling behind with your taxes so much. Dave talk a little bit about the services that you can help people with to stop them falling into that trap.


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