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#TheMoneyFactor Episode 005 – Retaining the Best Employees by Offering Great Benefits

#TheMoneyFactor Episode 5: Retaining the Best Employees by Offering Great Benefits


Finding great employees and then retaining them by providing the best benefits you can. That’s what we’re going to be talking about today on The Money Factor. Welcome to #TheMoneyFactor I’m Ian Varley. I’m delighted to have with me today Catherine Hanson from Insperity. Wonderful see you Catherine. Great to see you and thank you for having me today. Thanks for coming. It’s always a pleasure! And we’ve been taking a lot of questions
online.. twitter #TheMoneyFactor We’re going to cover some topics today that i think you’re going to be right up your street. So let’s take the first
question. How do i find and retain good employees for my growing business. You know good employees are the biggest asset that a business can have. Without good employees you’re not going to give good service to your customers. And without customers you don’t have a business. So you know we’re always trying to find good people and keep them happy. And in today’s changing world you know people talk about Millennials and the way that they think about things a little differently. It’s important to give the right benefits and provide them with the right atmosphere to work in. So at Insperity I know that you guys provide a lot of different services that can help businesses like mine with that. You talked about some of those things that will be… you know attractive to people looking for a new job. Sure, absolutely… and that’s a great question.

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