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Funding for Amazon Vendors

Small business financing presents a lot of options for business owners. When searching for funding for Amazon vendors, you can get overwhelmed. Eagle Business Credit offers financing for Amazon vendors, regardless of credit score or time in business. This helps you grow your business right off the bat rather than waiting to meet stricter approval requirements or paying exorbitant fees for expensive business financing.

Invoice Factoring for Amazon Vendors allows business growth by advancing payment rather than waiting for Amazon to pay, improving cash flow.

Why Use Invoice Financing for Amazon Vendors?

Amazon vendors sell to Amazon on credit terms. This means that after delivering the goods, you must wait weeks for Amazon to pay you. When you do a large amount of business as an Amazon vendor, this waiting period can hurt your cash flow. Can you afford to keep producing and purchasing supplies in that time period? The solution to this cash flow crunch is invoice factoring for Amazon vendors.

What is Invoice Factoring for Amazon Vendors?

Invoice factoring involves a factoring company advancing client payment to the Amazon vendor. This means that you get payment the same day Amazon receives your delivery. No more waiting for Amazon to pay out their credit terms. The factoring company takes a fee, between 2% and 4%, and your business can grow with the necessary cash on hand.

How Does Factoring for Amazon Vendors Work?

You sell your goods to Amazon as usual. You submit your invoice to a factoring company for Amazon vendors. You receive payment for your invoice the same day. It’s as simple as that. Invoice factoring for Amazon vendors works by advancing payment that is due, less a fee, and the factoring company waits for Amazon to pay when the credit terms expire.

funding for amazon vendors

What to do if you are an Amazon vendor looking for business financing?

If you find that you don’t have the strict requirements that a bank sets for a loan approval, you may be tempted to look at online loans, MCA or ACH loans, or invoice financing. Invoice financing for Amazon vendors is the only option that allots growth potential without the need for re-approval or reapplication. The money is yours, a factoring company just gets it to you sooner to smooth over cash flow and grow your business operations. Give Eagle Business Credit a call if you are an Amazon vendor looking for small business financing. A fast, flexible funding solution keeps you in control of your business and not worried about cash flow problems or supply costs.

Additional financing for Amazon vendors:

Purchase order financing is another method of funding for Amazon vendors that increases access to capital without increasing repayments or causing cash flow problems. PO Funding works by advancing supply costs, and recovering the costs of supply costs from the invoice amount. This means that your business can accept larger sales volumes with the comfort of having the capital to cover supply and labor. See our CEO Ian discuss purchase order financing for Amazon vendors below!