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What Is Small Business Invoice Factoring?

As a small business owner you wear many hats. You are involved in operations, hiring, sales, marketing, all of it. When late paying customers are stalling your vision of small business growth, it can be hard to see past the present. This is where small business invoice factoring can help.

What Is Small Business Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring services expedite the payment process. This means that rather than straining your cash flow by taking on the costs of labor or supplies and waiting for client payment, you have the funds to keep selling and keep growing. As a small business owner, you know that cash flow is king. Finding the right small business financing is what will enable your business to grow.

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Here is the traditional model of B2B operations:

  • Take the order
  • Deliver the goods/services
  • Wait 30 to 60 days for payment
  • Collect payment
  • Repeat

Here is the model of B2B operations with small business invoice factoring:

  • Take the order
  • Deliver the goods/services
  • Collect immediate payment
  • Repeat

With an invoice factoring facility, the waiting period between gods or services and client payment is eliminated. This allows your business to grow without waiting for client payment.

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Why Use Small Business Invoice Factoring?

Growing businesses need more money to cover overhead, supplies, and payroll. This means that without enough available cash, your business cannot successfully grow. Selling b2b on credit terms is almost unavoidable. Waiting for the duration of credit terms before receiving payment is avoidable with small business invoice factoring.

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How to Use Small Business Invoice Factoring to Grow Your Business:

Growing your business by partnering with a small business invoice factoring company is simple. You keep operating and selling your goods or services, and the factoring company does the rest. Eagle Business Credit, a factoring company in Atlanta, Georgia, offers receivables management completely free with your factoring services. This means that we monitor the status of your open invoices and you have online 24/7 access to the state of your receivables.

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When to Consider Small Business Invoice Factoring:

The best time to partner with an invoice factoring company is during times of business growth or expected business growth. Strong cash flow means that the limits to your small business growth are not hindered by insufficient working capital. Small business invoice factoring is debt-free, immediate, and not reliant on your business or personal credit. If you are a small business owner looking for money to grow your business, small business invoice factoring services with Eagle Business Credit can help.

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